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An efficient leadgen process coupled with customized sales conversations, cutting back on research time and effort


„alivello” is a B2B sales agency specialized in lead generation, scheduling sales reps and building digital sales processes. For over ten years, „alivello” works to successfully support customers to improve their sales functions, contributing to the success of many businesses.

„alivello” generates new leads by partnering with sales professionals, arranges route-optimized sales appointments with new and existing customers, and develops sustainable digital sales processes. With an implemented sales processes, „alivello” provides customers with robust sales pipelines that include new leads delivered on a weekly basis which guarantees unlimited growth.

„alivello” has used Echobot for over a year and calls this software solution a “loyal companion in providing rapid research, optimal sales and prospect call preparation, and robust search functionalities for new potential customer segments.” With Echobot, „alivello” can now conduct highly individualized conversations which results in effective sales meetings. This delivers a targeted experience for their customers all without a lot of effort from sales teams, allowing them to focus on their strategic goals and deals.

“Echobot CONNECT has helped us reduce our research time by at least 50 percent. The setup and training were so easy that our employees were able to optimize their sales processes immediately. The integration into our CRM, Salesforce, worked smoothly, too, simplifying our daily business activities even more.”
– Daniel van Lierop, CEO „alivello” GmbH

Daniel van Lierop

Acquisition on a New Level

„alivello” is currently using the Echobot CONNECT and TARGET solutions. When employees are preparing for their sales cold calls, they are saving time during their research process thanks to Echobot. Echobot provides up-to-date news and trigger events on customers or leads which allows sales rep to deliver a highly individualized pitch to each potential new customer.

The simple integration of Echobot CONNECT into the CRM system, Salesforce, is a benefit to sales teams because contact and lead information is automatically updated, providing a seamless experience for sales teams and leadership alike.

Increased Sales Efficiency & Better Lead Quality

The 360° company profiles in CONNECT and the prospecting potentials in TARGET give „alivello“ a demonstrably higher lead generation rate, which makes the sales team work significantly faster. The „alivello“ employees find the tools intuitive, allowing them to integrate seamlessly into their current work routines. Sales processes have been demonstrably accelerated, allowing „alivello” to concentrate more on strategically acquiring new customers and supporting their existing customers. Time wasters such as data enrichment, research or data maintenance are a thing of the past thanks to Echobot CONNECT and TARGET.

Echobot CONNECT Firmenprofil - Beispielansicht alivello

Screenshot Echobot CONNECT Company Profile – Example View „alivello” GmbH

What „alivello“
Achieved with Echobot:

sales effciency

time savings

conversation openers

“At our company, all employees can access the tools and use them in their day-to-day business and projects – with just a few clicks, we have all the information we need about a potential new customer to develop a successful sales pitch,” Daniel van Lierop.

Goodbye Standard Pitches, Hello Personalization

Being experts in telesales, „alivello” has developed a strategic selling approach that works, they understand the importance of a tailored approach to sales. Having correct and up-to-date data will enable a sales rep to develop customized conversation openers with new leads. Making a connection with a prospect is key and with the right tools, sales reps can find current company news, information about employees, decision-makers and use other publicly available data, allowing reps to develop a personalized approach to every conversation with prospects.

“The clear structure of news about potential new customers within CONNECT makes selling so much easier. We can develop an individualized approach and immediately see if there is currently potential to sell to a company,” – Daniel van Lierop

„alivello” quickly noticed that individualization is key. They found that if the same script is always read during cold calls, and the wrong names and data are mentioned, no potential customer will feel connected to the rep or the sale. “In fact, we once had something similar happen to us with a well-known company. We were cold-called three times and every time they asked to speak to an employee at our company who did not even exist. The pitch was horrible, and they used the same script on every call,” reports van Lierop. Echobot prevents that mistake right from the beginning with the help of trigger events that are set up on target companies such as “team expansion,” “new construction plan,” or “sales increase,” letting sales teams know the perfect time to approach the prospect with a customized pitch.

Query Examples from „alivello“

„alivello” uses Echobot TARGET’s prospector tool to create specific queries which provide valuable support for lead generation. These queries are saved and a lead alert can be set up so sales teams know the perfect time to reach out. This allows, „alivello” to be automatically informed by email whenever a new potential customer meets their criteria. Sometimes, „alivello” uses these queries directly for their customers as an additional offer with their servie. „alivello” then provides clients who use this service with a TARGET list that includes new potential customers. „alivello” then assists and supports their acquisition activities to help close the deal.

Query after a Trade Fair Visit

Due to the global pandemic, the number of trade fair visits was low and practically non-existent in 2020. „alivello” saw an opportunity to look specifically for companies – both new and existing customers – that participated in certain trade fairs the year before. They used query tools to create a new target list.


Query for Construction Projects

A customer of „alivello” was looking for companies that were working on or soon starting new construction projects so they could provide skilled workers such as plumbers, architects etc., to support the project. „alivello” decided to set up a query to support their customer’s goals.




Query by Focus Industry

„alivello” wanted to reach specific customers from a certain industry with a tailored offer and their expertise. They were able to set up a query using industry segments and keywords, which resulted in a tailored lead list to support their sales goals.





About „alivello“

Since its foundation ten years ago, „alivello” provides competent assistance for customers working in the B2B area. The agency’s main expertise is on telesales, sales automation and trade fair lead management. The sales specialists of „alivello” designed tailored marketing campaigns as well as sales concepts which help their clients during the acquisition process and account management. „alivello” takes over discovery calls for its clients, points out the decision-maker in a prospect’s buying center and generates useful market insights. All in all, “alivello” is a company’s partner-in-crime when it comes to leadgen as well as scheduling sales meetings.


Echobot CONNECT provides instant access to millions of company profiles. Our tool delivers comprehensive details regarding each account, a list of relevant contacts within the organization, as well as current business news and financial data. It tracks relevant sales triggers like funding events, personnel changes, and expansion plans which help your sales reps win more deals faster. Time spent researching is reduced by up to 60%, allowing your sales reps to focus on what they do best – selling.

Echobot TARGET

Echobot TARGET helps you discover and engage with qualified opportunities that match your ideal customer profile. While prospecting, conventional criteria like industry, company size and region are combined with contextual information like trigger events and company financials. With Echobot TARGET you will reach the right person at the right company at the right time. The resulting leads are immediately available to upload to your CRM or ERP, including all relevant contact information.

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