Echobot Employee Database
Targeted Employee Search and Campaign Preparation

Make sure that you always know who you are dealing with: Find contacts and decision-makers in the B2B area that match your requirements. The Echobot Employee Database provides you with up-to-date information about more than 23+ million employees of companies in European Markets.

Echobot TARGET

Origin of the Employee Data

All data in our employee database is extracted from publicly available sources. Echobot searches the commercial register, company websites, press releases and similar sources of business information and compiles it into a digital business card. Your contacts will be automatically updated.

The Echobot employee database exclusively contains business-related data and does not retain any personal information.

Employee data sources
Data Quality

Highly Valuable Data

We are completely open about the quality of our sourced data, which is why we offer you an orientation guide with our Quality Scores. These are determined based on the number of sources and the dates of the data of your selected contact. Our system automatically completes datasets with calculated email addresses, if these cannot be found directly.

Export this highly valuable data as a CSV or Excel file.

How do you benefit from our employee data?

Are you looking for marketing executives? All IT employees from companies exclusively located in Germany? Or simply all employees of a certain business? Targeted search options will let you find your target quickly.

Once you have found your contact, you can quickly identify colleagues of the selected contact from the same department or even employees in the same position in similar companies. There is no faster way to get in touch.

Hint: Use an alternative to the Company Database and find companies in certain industries. Are you looking for companies that work with large amounts of data? In that case, a search for the job position “data scientist” may find fitting candidates.

Employee search

Up-to-date Digital Business Cards

The phone number of a contact, the name of a company representative, the email address of a business partner or
the position of a contact from a trade fair – with Echobot, you will no longer be searching, but finding:

Employee Data



Are you looking for a contact for IT, marketing or HR, or maybe for PR or product management? Find the right contacts via the department search.


You were able to make a contact at a trade fair, but you only have their name and company. Is that not enough? Find out whether your contact is a manager, an associate or an intern.

Phone Number &
Email Address

Your contact at the other company is no longer reachable via phone or email? Verify whether your contact data in the employee database is still up to date.

What can you gain from the Echobot Employee Database?

We will help you find out:

“Those who have the right data and can act faster or better have a decisive advantage. Dealing with big and smart data is no longer an option, but a must.”
Thomas Lünendonk, Lünendonk GmbH