02 Sep 2019


2020-07-01T10:20:02+02:002 September 2019|

About Echobot The story and the team. The Echobot story Conquering the world from Karlsruhe Initially, it was mainly about finding impressions of press releases in the constantly growing number of online and social media sources. Today, Echobot is a business information intelligence platfo [...]

02 Sep 2019

Echobot Employee Database: Employee Search & Campaign Preparation

2020-06-24T08:35:48+02:002 September 2019|

Echobot Employee Database Targeted Employee Search and Campaign Preparation Make sure that you always know who you are dealing with: Find contacts and decision-makers in the B2B area that match your requirements. The Echobot Employee Database provides you with up-to-date information about more tha [...]

02 Sep 2019

Echobot Company Data: Company Search & Address Management

2020-06-24T08:32:19+02:002 September 2019|

Echobot Company Database Company Search & Address Management on Demand The heart of Echobot is a directory of 11+ million companies from the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Our database contains all information useful for the B2B area. Your company search will start and end [...]

02 Sep 2019

Trigger Events: Detect Specific Risks and Sales Opportunities

2020-05-07T07:58:53+02:002 September 2019|

Trigger Events Detect Specific Risks and Sales Opportunities In B2B, fast reactions are everything. This is why the Echobot machine-learning process detects over 30.000 business-relevant events every single day and makes them immediately available for further processing. Get the scoop on changes [...]

02 Sep 2019

Machine Learning @ Echobot

2020-05-07T08:45:17+02:002 September 2019|

Machine Learning Intelligent Data Analysis, Text Mining and Entity Recognition Echobot uses, researches and further develops current methods from the field of machine learning - one of the most important future technologies. Through machine learning, better results can be achieved with less [...]

02 Sep 2019

Echobot API: Automated Utilization of the Latest B2B Data

2020-05-07T07:46:55+02:002 September 2019|

Echobot API Automated Utilization of the Latest B2B Data At the click of a button, you can easily access Echobot’s company data and contacts via our Echobot API. This offers you the opportunity to digitize and automate your business processes and improve the data quality in your internal CRM o [...]

02 Sep 2019

Research at Echobot

2020-05-07T08:42:38+02:002 September 2019|

Research at Echobot Meet the Methods of the Future The German economy broke a record in 2015. For the first time, 3% of our GDP was invested in research and development. We believe this trend will persist, thus Echobot is present - and even excels at R&D. You could even say that [...]

30 Aug 2019

How does Echobot work?

2020-05-07T08:24:15+02:0030 August 2019|

How does Echobot work? AI-powered business-relevant Information How does Echobot work? AI-powered business-relevant Information The foundation for the Echobot tools MONITORING, DATACARE, TARGET and CONNECT is the Echobot Data Cloud. The data cloud is an enourmous data storage th [...]