Detect Specific Risks and Opportunities

In B2B, fast reactions are everything. This is why the Echoboto machine-learning process detects over 30.000 business-relevant events every single day and makes them immediately available for further processing. Get the scoop on changes at partner companies, suppliers, competitors, B2B clients, and potential customers and use Business Signals to never miss out on any important event again.

Risiko & Chancen erkennen

Signals that indicate B2B sales opportunities:

International Expansion

When a company expands its operations abroad, new opportunities open up along the entire supply chain. Use these opportunities to pitch your services at the right time and the right place.

Awards / Honors

Find the perfect conversation starter or use PR materials regarding a recently awarded company.

Start of Construction Works

Perceive the first cut of the spade as a buying signal. The new company or its new location surely has further open construction sites. Be faster than the competition.


Contribute to the growth of a young company and make sure that a part of its capital is spent on your products.

Finders Keepers

Search the demand for valuable leads and offer your solutions where they are needed.

Profit Increases

Use the positive development of a company as a sales opportunity and gain a valued customer.

Website Relaunch

Don’t miss out when your customer restructure their websites because of changes in their business strategy or business areas.

Annual Statement

Be among the first to identify the current state of the assets and liabilities of your partner companies and recognize developments early on.

Capital Alteration

Respond to changes in ownership when there are capital alterations at a customer. Such changes often indicate planned investments that can be addressed by your sales team.

Number of Customers

Use the number of current customers for targeted B2B selection and determine the potential of an industry.

Management Change

Be the first one at the door of a new decider and use their fresh eagerness to establish your products or services in their company. Read our article aboutManagement Change.

Trade Fair Attendance

Do not send your sales department to a trade fair unprepared. Identify all potential client companies in advance before you convince them in person.

Plans for New Constructions

The planning phase of a construction holds immense potential for sales. Offer your help with the construction efforts or propose a suitable plan for the IT infrastructure in the new building.

New Construction
and Expansion

Use construction projects to determine when a company is growing and where to best place your offers – such as consulting services or interior design.

New Address /

The relocation of a company provides the perfect opportunity to get in touch and introduce yourself and your products or services.

Registration of a New Company

Seize the moment to support a newly founded company and to gain a valuable customer.

New Large-Scale Contract / Customer

Be the first supplier to seize the moment and gain your own profit from a new large-scale contract.

Partnership /

Extend your contract relationships as soon as your client companies enter into a cooperation. Ensure that you get recommended before your competition.

Job Offers

Determine demand in the advertising department and offer your support by providing fitting products or services.

Team Expansion

When your competitors suddenly start hiring large numbers of employees in certain departments, this may indicate the development of a new business area. Keep your eyes open.

Takeovers / Acquisitions

Seize the opportunities of a business merger and give your sales department the edge they need.

Revenue Increases

Determine investment opportunities as fast as they arise and benefit from the revenue increases of a company.

Events are often opportunities for sales, which is why you should not miss them. Our modern text analysis determines opportunities and creates Chances Signals. The following examples illustrate just a few ways in which you can benefit from these Business Signals. Benefits may vary depending on the company and its requirements, and what may be an opportunity for one company could easily be a risk for another.

Signals for Risik Assessment:


Be in the know when a company vanishes and, if necessary, register as a creditor for the liquidation process.

Profit Decrease

Profit decreases can have many causes and do not necessarily constitute a risk. However, it is important to be able to react immediately – especially if you are a shareholder or an affiliated company.

Insolvency Notification

Do not risk scheduling difficulties, delivery bottlenecks and bad debts. Recognize the insolvency of a customer or partner company as early as possible.

Legal Disputes

Involvement in legal disputes may not only affect the reputation of a company, it can even jeopardize its liquidity. Keep an eye on your customers.


Prepare yourself for late payments in the event of a product recall at a client company, or anticipate logistical difficulties when a recall occurs at your supplier.


Announcements of cost-cutting measures at a client company can quickly cause you to lose an important order. Prepare yourself early and compensate for the losses.

Location Closure

Stop holding hands when your customers jump off a cliff. Their site closure may be one of the first warning signs and you might want to re-evaluate that business relationship.


Avoid bad investments when job cuts indicate the closure of company department.


Production downtimes, damage to the reputation, and employee dissatisfaction – recognize emerging risks and react early.

Revenue Decreases

Continuously declining sales at your customer or partner company are a warning signal and should not be ignored. Additional signals may enable you to recognize the reasons for the decline and will allow you to react accordingly.


Recognize when a company is making losses and place that customer on your risk list to protect yourself against payment defaults.

Missing out on events can have fatal consequences when risks are concerned. But Risk Signals may – like the Chances Signals – also indicate opportunities.

Your competetive advantage through signal detection

Echobot is your personal machine learning spy. It was trained to extract signal types from publicly available information and automatically recognizes different names for an event and it will assign them accordingly. You can request to receive all major news about selected companies.

This will allow you to determine what is important to your clients, suppliers, partners, and competitors. You will recognize sales opportunities the moment they arise. Select your target group and strengthen your customer relations with the right conversation topics. Finally, Echobot will also help you avoid impending risks.

What chances and risks are relevant for your business?

We will help you find out:

“Als Spezialist für Dachbegrünungen ist unsere Zielgruppe in erster Linie der Architekt. Er plant ob und in welcher Variante eine ‚Landschaft‘ aufs Dach kommt und entscheidet mit welchem Anbieter er das Vorhaben realisiert. Eine Herausforderung, bei der Echobot äußerst hilfreich ist. Denn mit der Software sind wir sehr früh über Neubau-Vorhaben informiert und können direkt mit den Architekten in Kontakt treten – in einem Stadium, in dem sich das Objekt in der Regel nicht in der Bau-, sondern noch in der Planungsphase befindet, was bedeutet, dass wir den Architekten so noch mit unserer objektspezifischen Beratungskompetenz unterstützen können. Dieser Vorsprung ist unsere Chance!

Joachim Stroh, ZinCo GmbH