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The heart of Echobot is a directory of 11+ million companies from the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Our database contains all information useful for the B2B area. Your company search will start and end here.

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360-Degree Company Information

If you are searching for company information from more than just a single source, you have arrived at the right place. The Echobot Company Database provides you with company profiles containing cross-media information about each one of the approximately 11+ million companies in the directory. Our crawler searches the entire web, from the commercial register to company websites to public reports from editorial sites or social media.

Economic data may be helpful and necessary when cooperating with other companies, but a comprehensive analysis requires much more information. Our Company Database provides you with basic data and the foundation for a detailed analysis.

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European Company Database

European Company Database with Perspectives

Are you looking for companies from Berlin, Munich, the Black Forest area, or the Sauerland region? Our directory includes companies from the German Republic and beyond. High-Tech-Startups, organic family farms, find companies in every industry and every form you are looking for: Wholesale, retail, service providers, public administration, associations and businesses of all types and sizes.

Our directory does not end at the German border: The Echobot Company Database features companies from the United Kingdom, Germany,Austria and Switzerland.

What kind of company information is available?

Find company names and addresses in our directory featuring 11+ million companies, from small and medium to large companies in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Learn more about targeted companies.

Company Data

Company Address

Stop searching the legal notices of company websites and find the company address right in our directory, then locate it on Google Maps.

Phone Number &
Email Address

Get the general contact data of a company and verify existing data on phone numbers and email addresses.

Company Website &
Social Media Profiles

Find company-owned online channels and take a look at their digital communication on their website or profiles in social networks.


Immediately recognize the industry a company is operating in. Its association with one or several industries will make it easier to categorize the company.

Company Description

The overview shows the size of a company and its founding year at a glance. Learn more about its operations from a description and a tag cloud of related topics.

Web Technologies

Learn about the technologies used on a company website and recognize indicators for sales opportunities.


Find the VAT identification number of a taxable company or check the ID of a customer or a partner company.

Commercial Registry Number

Identify a company through its registration in the commercial register.

How much data potential can you draw from the Echobot Company Database?

We will help you find out:

Additional relevant Information:

Employee Data

Find your direct contact or a corresponding decision-maker.

News & Social Media

Recognize events and find good conversation starters.

Trigger Events

Gain the edge through Trigger Events Detection: Recognize Opportunities and Risks.

HR and Finance Information

Evaluate companies by using financial data and data from the commercial registry.

“Those who have the right data and can act faster or better have a decisive advantage. Dealing with big- and smart data is no longer an option, but a must.”

Thomas Lünendonk, Lünendonk GmbH